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Is Human Evolution Dead?

06/03/2013 9:44 AM

Over this last weekend there was a thread that had risen up and died like some creature once thought long extinct, only to be washed up on a beach somewhere.

"Evolution Theory is Fake" it declared. And oh, did CR4 jump in and take up the gauntlet. I read as much as I could, mostly while shaking my head in sadness.

We were supposed to be beyond this by now. As a species I mean. The promises made to me in my youth have not come to pass. There is no Brave New World. Never mind the absence of a flying car in my driveway, we have not come to terms with bringing our species up to date with the last century, let alone the most current.

I have worked with bright Engineers who have argued in favor of the six thousand year old Earth. I have tried to warn my brothers against putting limitations on God. I have assured them that mankind's understanding of God had survived many upheavals, and that somehow, religion had survived.

So, I suppose this is my question, "Is Human Evolution Dead?" Have we reached the heliopause of human wisdom?

Or, worse yet, have we reached a divide. Is there going to be a portion of our species who are doomed to be "left behind?" A superstitious population of Eloi left to live in the hinterlands breading fear and hatred for the boffins who hide away their discoveries and contraptions.

This is not good, my friends. I fear the latter has already begun. For all the advancements at CERN, there are multitudes in the streets throwing stones. There are dictators who would rule the stone throwers. There are despots who would sell weapons to the dictators to control the stone throwers. And, there are "civilized" nations who would watch it happen because it is just too d4mned much trouble to undo all the backwardness of it all.

I'm hurting here folks. I need to be reminded of why I should have hope for humanity.


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