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Stand Up and Be Counted

11/04/2010 4:45 PM

Election Day may be over, but CR4_News is still in the running for the B2B Twitterer of the Year Award. If you tweet, I hope you'll consider casting a vote for CR4_News, our community's Twitter presence. And if you don't tweet, why not take a moment to create a Twitter account and cast a vote for a good cause?

Voting for CR4_News is simple. Just go this page, verify that you're voting for CR4_News in the B2BPublications category, enter a reason after the word "because", and choose Submit Vote. It's that simple. The first time you vote, you'll have to enter the email address that you use for your Twitter account, too. After that (and you can vote for CR4_News once a day from now until December 18), you won't.

Please cast a ballot for CR4_News today. Thanks in advance for your support.


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