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Why Aren't All Fuel Filler Doors All on the Same Side of Automobiles?

02/13/2018 by lyn
Drives most of us crazy when we rent cars. I know most new cars have that little arrow, thanks.
Views: 531, Comments: 79
Last comment 02/20/2018 by truth is not a compromise

Fat Boat

02/10/2018 by ronseto
After discovering enormous amounts of fat in the city's sewer system, a man in I think Holland is accumulating large amounts of fat to build a boat, b...
Views: 226, Comments: 6
Last comment 02/12/2018 by Calnet42

Remember the Doyle?

02/06/2018 by Doorman
Does anyone remember these guys? Lonny Doyle Adam Doyle These guys were working on a new ICE, the Doyle Rotary Engine. Looks like a stumbling block...
Views: 234, Comments: 4
Last comment 02/08/2018 by az native

A New Pickup Truck for 2019?

02/04/2018 by tonyhemet
Recently at the North American Auto Show, a Chinese manufacturer showcased several new models. GAC indicated they would begin selling a sedan ( saloon...
Views: 294, Comments: 5
Last comment 02/05/2018 by lyn
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Hemmings Motor News Blog

1987 blog entries, 5768 comments (1 Viewing)

Green Monster Among Multiple Land-speed Cars in New Speed-focused Exhibit

02/24/2018 by yamdankee
To this day, Art Arfons holds one rather inglorious record: After crashing his Green Monster land-speed-record car in November 1966, he became the o...
Views: 32, Comments: 1
Last comment 02/24/2018 by Brave Sir Robin

Automobilia: Gow Paint Your Flivver!

02/21/2018 by dstrohl
One of the neatest references for everyday-material culture of the past is a Sears, Roebuck and Company Catalog. Sears in its catalog days was to ma...
Views: 162, Comments: 5
Last comment 02/24/2018 by Usbport
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Maritime Technology

6 blog entries, 65 comments (0 Viewing)

The Sailboat Diaries: A Leak Fixed and a Keel Leashed

12/13/2017 by HUSH
Blogger’s note: Documenting all the restoration work for The Sailboat Diaries has been about the only project slower than the boat work itself!...
Views: 352, Comments: 9
Last comment 12/20/2017 by Del the cat

The Sailboat Diaries: Color Change

10/24/2017 by HUSH
Several times I’ve read that novice boaters shouldn’t bother with cosmetic fixes to their boat. Inexperienced boaters are likely to cause...
Views: 432, Comments: 16
Last comment 10/31/2017 by James Stewart
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Automotive Technology

218 blog entries, 3326 comments (0 Viewing)

NYC Orders Solar Powered EV Charging Stations

06/28/2017 by Engineering360 eNewsletter
Envision Solar International says it received a $2.14 million order from New York City for 32 of its EV ARC portable vehicle charging stations. The ch...
Views: 308, Comments: 0

Automotive Use Drives Li-ion Demand Growth, Report Says

06/22/2017 by Engineering360 eNewsletter
The market for lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries was 87 GWh in 2016, a tenfold increase from a decade earlier. Automotive uses absorbed almost 50% of tha...
Views: 216, Comments: 1
Last comment 06/24/2017 by Rixter
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California Drivers Are Saying Goodbye to Botts' Dots

05/26/2017 posted in The Engineer's Notebook
by Hannes
Many drivers in California are mourning their state transportation department's (Caltrans) decision to phase out Botts’ dots on the state's road...
Views: 694, Comments: 14
Last comment 06/01/2017 by MR. Guest

Japan May Change Signage Ahead of 2020 Olympics

02/05/2016 posted in The Engineer's Notebook
by Hannes
Roads and maps have interested me for some time now. There's something about driving a route that was traveled by countless predecessors for hundred...
Views: 731, Comments: 6
Last comment 02/09/2016 by Doorman

Rubber Truck Bumpers for Impact Resistance

10/07/2015 posted in Elasto Proxy's Sealing Solutions Blog
by Doug Sharpe
- Rubber truck bumpers help keep trucks and trailers on the road instead of in the shop. Learn how these impact-resistant bumpers meet ASTM standar...
Views: 834, Comments: 13
Last comment 10/13/2015 by adreasler

It All Started with Johnnie: Random Facts About Tyres

06/24/2015 posted in Building & Design Blog
by Cygnet
The earliest tyres were bands of leather, then iron, (later steel), placed on wooden wheels, used on carts and wagons. Historically, the spelling wa...
Views: 1266, Comments: 16
Last comment 07/26/2017 by The Wizard

Lightweighting Vehicles Using Aerospace Techniques

08/25/2014 posted in IHS ESDU Blog
by SavvyExacta
Metals producers are gearing up for increased sales based on Ford's decision to make an aluminum F-150 this year. (Read more.) Automakers are eager t...
Views: 918, Comments: 0