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FT8 for DX Communications with Low Power

10/18/2021 by StandardsGuy
WSJT-X is said to provide the FT8 protocol for digital Amateur Radio communications. FT8 is said to receive signals 19 dB below the background noise....
Views: 74, Comments: 10
Last comment 10/22/2021 by Randall

Missing Icons Win 10

10/08/2021 by HiTekRedNek
My first indication of problems with my desktop shortcuts was a change in the shortcut icon images on desktop at boot up,changes which I did not make....
Views: 157, Comments: 16
Last comment 10/14/2021 by SimpleMind
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AI Passes 'Go'

03/21/2016 posted in The Engineer's Notebook
by Hannes
Viewers of Darren Aronofsky's surreal film Pi in its entirety probably walked away with two lasting recollections: a man using a power drill to reli...
Views: 464, Comments: 8
Last comment 12/07/2018 by YugoPK

How About a Nice Game of Chess?

07/26/2013 posted in The Engineer's Notebook
by Hannes
It's been 30 years since the release of WarGames, one of the most well-received non-Star Wars science fiction films of the 1980s. The plot goes somet...
Views: 1116, Comments: 9
Last comment 01/19/2020 by gregzy

Sorry Megabyte, We Don’t Need You Anymore

05/10/2010 posted in TeknologikL
by T1tan01
.theprodukkt is a German demogroup that developed an award-winning first person shooter (FPS) video game that debuted in 2004. The game was brought...
Views: 1158, Comments: 10
Last comment 01/25/2021 by MAB

Software Licensing for the Virtual Appliance

04/29/2010 posted in Solutions for Industrial Computing
by FlexeraSoftware
Traditional hardware devices and software licensing are reaching an interesting intersection point. Manufacturers of "large appliances" in markets...
Views: 3607, Comments: 1
Last comment 04/05/2018 by stevencarmoe

Centralizing Software Usage and Software License Management

04/22/2010 posted in Solutions for Industrial Computing
by FlexeraSoftware
Over the past few months, I've had many professionals in the supply chain and procurement space say they would be interested in finding a process...
Views: 3097, Comments: 4
Last comment 02/07/2019 by jainvertika