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Enthalpy of Air of Cooling Tower

08/09/2018 by maverick_friend
Dear all, What will be the ENTHALPY of AIR moving out of a COOLING TOWER with 100% EFFECTIVENESS ? In practical situations a 100% effectiveness CT d...
Views: 167, Comments: 11
Last comment 08/10/2018 by SolarEagle

What Calculations are Possible with Below Specs when Selecting a MV Softstarter

07/30/2018 by Anonymous Poster
Motor specs 700kW 3.3kV 166.4 A 10 pole Full load torque 11253Nm
Views: 155, Comments: 5
Last comment 07/31/2018 by rwilliams

Chemical Engineering Costing

07/21/2018 by Krissssy
Does anyone have the Plant Cost Index for 2018??? I searched online and it's not accessible anywhere w/o a subscription... I have to estimate a cost f...
Views: 435, Comments: 11
Last comment 07/27/2018 by Casper71
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Vendor Managed Inventory: Five Things to Consider

02/11/2018 by ahorner_22
After research, you’ve decided that vendor managed inventory might be the right solution for your operation. If you’re unsure what your ne...
Views: 323, Comments: 1
Last comment 02/12/2018 by Janissaries

Standards in Action: An Overview of the ISO Certification Process

09/10/2017 by ahorner_22
ISO Certification is a process that enhances business offerings. By showcasing how an organization meets certain standards, they announce to the world...
Views: 649, Comments: 2
Last comment 09/11/2017 by Jpfalt
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Las Mejores Universidades de la América Latina

10/19/2017 posted in Abe's Blog
by amichelen
Este es mi primer blog en Ingeniería en Español a pesar que lo cree algunos meses atrás. Mi tiempo ha sido limitado para escribir...
Views: 1920, Comments: 25
Last comment 10/31/2017 by amichelen

Bertrand Russell's Set Theory Paradox

01/25/2017 posted in Abe's Blog
by amichelen
Bertrand Russell Gottlob Frege In June 1902, Bertrand Russell, the great British mathematician and logician, sent the statement of a paradox to...
Views: 587, Comments: 26
Last comment 04/23/2018 by tick-tock

Hypatia of Alexandria – Part 1

11/01/2016 posted in Abe's Blog
by amichelen
(Note: This is part 1 of a three series blog.) I would like to write my first blog by introducing a woman, who, many years ago in Alexandria, excelle...
Views: 491, Comments: 9
Last comment 11/04/2016 by amichelen

Are Your Smarter (or Dumber) Than Your Ancestors?

04/06/2016 posted in The Engineer's Notebook
The Case for Being Dumber It's easy to find anecdotal evidence about how 'stupid' the world has become. Take a look at the millions of tacky social...
Views: 553, Comments: 21
Last comment 04/10/2016 by Peterpipper

The Next Best Thing to Nap Time

03/11/2016 posted in Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition
by Chelsey H
There is a common thought (among teenagers and adults. that is) that nap time is wasted on elementary school kids and you need more naps as you get...
Views: 441, Comments: 0