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phoenix911, may not be what you may think.

phoenix of course is obvious. There are (2) reasons for this. (1) I did have career setbacks, but have always been able to overcome. And becoming stronger in the process. (2) The burned out feeling I can sometimes get at the end of the day at work. I enjoy my work, but at times do not know when to say when.

As far as 911, well that has always been my suffix for close to 20 years. With the two tied together, people often think it has to do with the date 9/11, it is unfortunate that it is misleading, and is quite humbling compared to the real meaning for me.

It's actually the type of car I drive.

My Educational, when I rolled off the farm, college was a blast (I can say that now, at the time, not so much but I enjoyed it)

Degreed in Business, Mechanical Design, Industrial Electronics and Robotics, The later I picked up (company sponsored) managing project development, R&D and CNC operations in a shipyard.

As I grew, my career grew also. Designed, engineered and managed for an OEM in the food and dairy industry, the management position somehow migrated to me, I did not ask for, when things literally hit the fan, I was the only one to pick the ball up. And got things done and done right. (funny when things aren't going right, the nephew of the owner of the company is nowhere to be found). Set this company up to be ASME certified to carry the 'U', 'PP', and 'R' stamps for their heat exchangers. Done it from scratch, company thought all what was needed is a $200.00 'U' stamp to be certified. They could not comprehend.

I also had my own design and fabricating shop which was one of my best times.

Currently, I'm the Engineering Project Coordinator At Red Arrow Products Company, LLC

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