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This is CR4: Remember to vote (for threads and comments)

06/09/2019 12:01 AM

I think everyone by now is aware of the Good Answer function. When a commenter supplies helpful information, and two different users rate the same comment as a Good Answer, a Good Answer is awarded to the commenter. This count is clear, because a user’s good answer count is supplied next to their avatar. (I believe lyn is the all-time leader, with 1,644 good answers!)

Did you know you can also rate a comment as off-topic? When a comment earns two votes as off-topic, it is hidden from the default page view. However, to enable this feature it needs to be activated from the Edit Profile page.

The rating system is designed to help CR4ers find and organize information more efficiently. Good Answers rise to the top; off-topic answers become more obscure.

There is also a way of rating threads and blog entries.

This is a feature CR4 staff would like to see used more. Fellow site users appreciate knowing the quality of a thread before entering it. Enough low-star votes and moderators will likely remove it from the CR4 front page. Star ratings are averaged, so more votes provides a greater consensus on post or thread value.

CR4 is a community that supports good content democratically. When you are enjoying a thread or someone gave a smart, thoughtful answers – vote for it or rate it! The same goes for threads where the poster did not put in enough effort or for off-topic comments.

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