Private Messages

Private messaging allows registered users to engage in discussions that are not accessible by the greater community. Private messaging is similar to email, but the only information that you need to send the message is a username. This is a great resource for community members who find their communication within a discussion deviating from the main point, or who would prefer to keep their discussion private. Users do not need to exchange email addresses, so these discussions can be carried on anonymously, away from one's real world identity, if desired.

Use of the private messaging system is a privilege, not a right. All messages sent must not violate the rules of CR4 or any laws. Specifically, the following activities are expressly forbidden:

  1. Sending unrequested solicitations or advertising
  2. Sending SPAM
  3. Sending harassing or threatening messages
  4. Engaging in cyber-stalking

Violation of any of these rules may result in the termination of your use of the private messaging system, loss of your CR4 membership and may require the CR4 Admin to contact the local authorities. Additionally, the CR4 Admin reserves the right to limit or remove your access to the private messaging system, at any time, for any reason.

Should you receive a message that you feel is inappropriate, click the "Report!" button in the bottom right hand corner of the message and flag the message for review by the CR4 Admin.