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2007-2010 Intier Automotive Seating Novi, Mi

    Engineering Specialist
  • Developing spray PU skin for seat cover applications.
  • Developing in house MDI PU based foam chemistry for automotive seating . Development includes green / renewable chemistry substitutions and alternatives.
  • Supporting FEA/CAD engineering with material and processing recommendations for composite structures; both, thermoset and thermoplastic.
  • Defining equipment scope, layout, process flow, and new bulk system method for future facility.

2005- Krauss-Maffei Corp Florence, Ky

    Manager Lab / Process Engineering
  • Commisioned and programmed ABB robot for domestic spray PU IP skin.
  • Manage lab production and customer development and trials. Define production process and equipment scope.
  • Programed ABB spray robot and help develop strategy for aromatic spray skins in Munich for Chinese and German automotive instrument panels.
  • Developed starting point formula for soy polyol based flexible foam during customer trial.

2003-2005 Intertec Systems Troy, Mi

    Manager Advanced Engineering

RIM Skin Production

  • Managed close pour project. Modified chemistry, specified / designed unique processing equipment, and developed permanent mold release system for controlling gloss. Managed the prototype tool manufacture and design. Provided costing comparisons with spray technology.

Injection Molding Technology

  • Developed an IMM strategy for Hard IP / No paint.
  • Recommended long glass fiber equipment with a 14-month payback and savings of 7 million dollars in material over 5 years.
  • Developed first ITS EOA trimming fixture at IMM. $145,000 per year for initial program.


  • Support sales with technical presentations onsite at customer locations.
  • Determine process flow and manpower / capital requirements for new quote opportunities.

Other Development

  • Managing in-house semi flexible foam formulation. Potential savings of $800,000.00 per year.
  • Determined primary cause of blooming field failures in TPU cast skins

Advanced Manufacturing Engineer

  • Launched 2 successful Honda IP programs
  • Responsible for process flow, pfema, dfma, capacity study, operator description sheets, plant layout, equipment specification and installation (injection press, Cinpres gas injection, robotic paint line, EOA trim tool, assembly and error checking fixture), operator training.
  • Managed injection tool and made 32 changes and recovered schedule until replacement TE was hired.

1991-2003 Rimagination, Inc. Windsor, NC


Rimagination is a custom molder of polyurethane products with 18 employees. In addition to being responsible for all activities of the business; my technical experience and responsibilities included:


  • Experience molding flexible, rigid, and integral skin foams for a broad variety of consumer applications including dress forms, packaging, armrests, seat cushions, medicine balls and orbital sanding pads.
  • Orbital sanding pad for Ryobi passed the highest spin test ever performed at UL (Underwriters lab) for duration and RPM.

Chemistry Formulation

  • Formulated from scratch water blown MDI formulas for flexible PU foam while optimizing cycle time, physical properties and cost.
  • Formulation experience also includes integral skin and formulas for foamed and cast elastomers.

Processing Equipment

  • Have experience designing, supervising, repairing and operating RIM Presses, lance cylinder and rotary pump high-pressure machines in addition to low-pressure PU machines

Mold Design & Fabrication

  • Designed molds and programmed CNC vertical milling machine to produce armrests, balls, orbital sanding pads, etc.

Other Projects

  • Overlaid Allen-Bradley controllers on my low-pressure machines to control production line, ratio and shot time of the machine.
  • Developed biodegradable water based flush for low-pressure foam machines eliminating the need for chlorinated solvent.
  • Developed a proprietary process for thermally insulating hydraulic accumulators used in HLA (Hydraulic Launch Assist Breaking Systems).

Computer Skills

  • Build from scratch and maintain computers.
  • Create web sites with database connectivity through Cold Fusion Mark p language along with multimedia presentations.
  • Maintained web / email servers, DNS, online commerce, and networks.
  • Operations systems: Windows, NT, 2000, XP, and Linux (Suse Redhat) - Allen Bradley ladder logic
  • Shot, edited, and produced 6 digital videotapes
  • Produced TV spots :30 sec and :60 sec. Advertisements, placed TV ads.

1989-1991 Gerke - Peters & Assocs. Troy, MI

Independent Sales Representative

  • Manufacturers representative for OEM automotive suppliers including engineering support and sales for first North American flame laminator for seating fabrics.
  • Generated quotation opportunities of over 20 million dollars

1987-1989 Woodbridge Foam Corp Troy, MI

Development Engineer

  • Engineered CAD/FEA, prototyped, tested, and verified a glass mat, reaction injection molded seat back frame, which met or exceeded all FMVSS guidelines in eight months.
  • Supervised molding and development of prototype polyurethane seat cushions and backs for automotive customers as well as structural seat frame testing.
1986-1987 Inland Division of General Motors Warren, MI

Development Engineer

  • Responsible for identifying and evaluating new concepts for interior components, specifically seating.

1985 Burlington Industries Society Hill, SC

Term Project Engineer

  • Identified 1.8 million dollars of energy and chemical savings, which were realized over a year period.
1985 Milliken Textile Blacksburg, SC

Term Project Engineer

  • Studied and made recommendations for the control of vat dying for polyester/cotton fabrics.
  • Solved wastewater retention problem related to off spec discharge.
    Graduated June 1985 North Carolina State University Raleigh, NC
  • BS Chemical Engineering
Sailing, gardening, brewing, jazz and classical music.
Additional Information
German - currently studying Chinese and Japanese

I have also taken many courses at Lawrence Technological University (Southfield, Mi.) in mechanical engineering (HVAC, strength of materials, dynamics) and chemistry (all but one course to graduate); including biochemistry.

Pictured on front page of the Wall Street Journal Sept. 7, 1999.
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