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Worked in the tooling industry for forty-years. But still get a kick out of watching our machines run!

This is an interesting business. There is no such thing as same old-same old. Every day presents a new challenge. Every challenge increases our knowledge.

Looking at our variety of our machines you can see we have gained priceless experience.

Our new Blog: this has videos that I will be adding from time to time.

For more info check out our "about-us" Page. An interesting idea for a link-all website.

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  1. These are Air-Bag cylinders notched, etc.. on Our Multi-Station Tube Fabricating Machine: Video- click on Left image to watch.

Warning: These links lead to my website!

I am retired now but I worked for the Innovo Corporation as an engineer/design/tool &die maker. Started out in 1964 as an apprentice tool & die maker.

I am retired now but still do consulting work . Also design using auto cad. My Latest design was this Double-End notcher that kicks out three thousand parts an hour/PPH.

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