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Worked in consumer electronic repair for 31 years, then industrial manufacturing maintenance for 15 years, while continuing consumer repair part time. Currently working part-time filling vending machines, part time Instructor at Technical College in Electronics, Robotics, PLC's, Industrial Automation Maintenance, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Industrial mechanics, and Safety. Happily married with great wife, wonderful children (All have masters degrees). And really fun grandchildren.

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Some background info.

Played piano from 6 years old to 75 when arthritis crippled my fingers. Played Organ for several decades. Repaired Electronic organs, played organs including 2 ancient pipe organs in church meetings. Played guitar, accordian, harmonica. Love all types of music. Sang in School Chorus, Played Euphonium in School Band. Sang solos in stage productions in college, church, and community programs. Played Lord Archie in 3 act operetta. Ship's Steward in University production of Cole Porter's "Anything Goes" and was a Spanish soldier in The opera "Carmen".

I love writing poems and songs. This is my current man-cave in the unfinished basement of our home. Works much better than the old pencil and staff paper. I can play a song on the keyboard, it shows on the screen, make adjustments then print sheet music from an inkjet printer. Still able to work a keyboard and computer even if I'm slow at it.