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I am an M.Sc in Physics from Univesity of Calcutta and also a chartered Engineer in the field of Electronics . I am the head of a group of companies which have interests in Electrical Engineering , Furnace Manufacturing , Instrumentation , Fumigation Chamber manufacturing for preservation of old books and records , Oil & Mineral exploration by air borne survey with the help of measurement of variation of earth's Gravitational field and electromagnetic field ,Data Processing etc.

Apart from Physics I am also a believer in Meta Physics and believe that material world is not the ultimate truth but is a perverted relection of the spiritual world, which is the ultimate truth . Just as a virtual reflection of an object may not be non existent ,but is not really real , similarly material world is ,though not false , but not really real . I believe Physics is and will remain incomplete so long as consciousness is not accepted something beyond material world . Wrong notion that consciousness is created out of matter has thwarted the progress of Physics , and led it to propund such absurd theories as Big bang Theory to be the cause of creation of this highly complex and evolving universe .