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Signature: Our values have to be measured by what we could offer to the society and to the world, when a "balance sheet" is drawn up at the time we leave our "foot prints on the sands of time".
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A Mechanical Engineer, by training, having graduated in 1971 from the Regional Engineering College (Present name: National Institute of Technology), Rourkela, Orissa State. Over the years he had set up four Industries, starting from concept to sustainable marketing levels(1974 through 1992). He has had the experiences of: Total running of the industries (including, management, administration, recruitment, training, financial management, marketing management, products development, technology development, New business development, Planning and Start-ups)... a total of 41 yrs experiences till December, 2012. Conducted personal studies and Research at the Grass-roots Village levels on All-India basis, from 1987 through 1994. The main objective has been to observe, analyze and develop a new paradigm that would simultaneously solve the twin-problems of Global Warming and Poverty (GWP). The concept of Agro-Polymer Industry Complex (APIX) was, thus developed - converting and recycling all available Renewable resources (RR) in Village surroundings

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Mechanical Engineering, Polymer Engineering, Plastics Engineering, Materials Engineering, Molding Technology, Composites Technology, Natural Fibers Composites technology, Corrosion Technology, Recycling Agro-Resources, Non-Conventional Energy Technology, New Products development, Projects Setting up, Grass-roots Development - currently working on Total Village Development Programs (TVDP)

In view of the great problems being faced by Rural population (over 8500 million in 2011 - earning paltry income of not more than US $150 per annum per individual) in India, a major part of working time is being devoted toward creating Sustainable Development in Rural India, through new innovative technology developments, and attempting to implement new Rural based projects.

Personal: Official Name = HARIHARAN PV

In all these thoughts and actions, there is a strong MISSION GOAL - that of defining and creating a New World Order, wherein mere money wealth is not the "be-all and end-all" of everything; but our values have to be measured by what we could offer to the society and to the world, when a "balance sheet" is drawn up at the time we leave our "foot prints on the sands of time".

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Chief Mentor & Promoter: AGRO-BIOGENICS

Bio-Petrochemicals Using Vegetation Resources

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It is hoped we are able to work together and achieve the Goals set in APIX Pilot Plant project ... pvhramani