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AIET from Puerto Rico Institute of Technology

BBA-MIS from American University of PR

  • Computer Tech
  • Instrument-Automation Tech
  • Validation Specialist-Medical/Pharmaceutical
  • Quality Engineering Tech-Support
  • QA Specialist

Ronald Elliott Sanchez

Validation Specialist/Engineering Technician

Ronald has 25 years of experience as an engineering technician in the pharmaceutical and medical devices industry. His experience covers a wide spectrum of positions installing, qualifying and commissioning manufacturing production equipment including automated laboratory analysis instruments, filling, labeling, capping, printing, packaging, and automated assembly. Experience in designing ejection/rejection chutes and sensing devices, installation, debugging, validation and qualification of PLC control systems. Support in validation and certification projects at different client sites with autoclaves, ovens, refrigerators, stability chambers, water for injection, clean steam systems, dry heat ovens, laminar flow hoods, fluid bed dryers, mixers, specialized-complex reverse flow temperature controlled systems, ETO sterilization and LIMS for a QA laboratory. Team member at Project Horizon, Boston Scientific, Miami, wrote SOP's to comply with standards established by Project Horizon.


  • Assisted in certification of equipment, utilities and facilities for pharmaceutical, medical device and diagnostics companies.
  • Responsible for design, installation, set-up, debug, training and qualification of a high speed capping and labeling line.
  • Responsible for design, installation, set-up, debug, training and qualification of a robot automated packaging line.
  • Facilitator for the installation and qualification of a purified water bottling operation.
  • Installed and qualified several semi-automated Hi-Speed check-weighing systems to include SPC software.
  • Lead technician for installation and overhaul/upgrade of high volume ampoule automated packaging line.
  • Lead technician responsible for the testing and qualification of hi-temperature sensing devices at a major fuel manufacturing company.
  • Responisible for the supervision and installation of a complete DCS (Fisher Provox) system.
  • Responisible for the supervision and installation of a complete SCADA (Foxboro Envision) system.
  • Responsible for testing, process improvement and validation of packaging components.
  • Trained in the operation of data loggers, including programming and calibration.
  • Responsible for the complete automization of wrapping equipment to include pallet unloading.
  • Lead Technician responsible of writing instrument SOP's for process instrumentation.
  • Technical Specialist at Project Horizon, Boston Scientific, Miami.
  • Technical Specialist at Project Barracuda, Beckman-Coulter, Miami.
  • QA Specialist at TEVA, Doral-Miami


  • Engineering Technician Interstrap Packaging Systems
  • Technical Leader Hess Oil, St. Croix, USVI.
  • Analytical Instrument Technician Upjohn Pharmaceuticals
  • Engineering Technician Ortho Pharmaceuticals
  • Lead Technician Process Control Systems Services, Ponce, PR
  • Certification Technician Astro Services, PR
  • Certification Technician PCS, PR
  • Professional Services Independent / Laser Printing, packaging systems
  • Validation Technical Specialist Bioteknica; Boston Scientific, Miami
  • Validation Specialist BioTeknica; Beckman-Coulter, Miami
  • QA Specialist, TEVA Doral


BBA-MIS, American University of PR

AIET, PR Institute of Technology

Continued Education

  • Micro Based Control
  • Laser Printing Systems
  • cGMPS, in manufacture, processing, packaging, or holding for human and veterinary drugs.
  • Robotics and Automation
  • Information Systems Security
  • Six Sigma for Medical Devices Industry
  • Basic Microbiology and Aseptic Techniques
  • GMP 80/16 Data-Logger (DEC)
  • Hewlet Packard Basic Gas Chromatography, Column Technology and Laboratory Automation Systems.
  • Information Systems Security
  • Principles of Supervision
  • Boiler Fundamentals
  • Cisco Networking Academy Program
  • PC repair
  • Fibre Optics
  • Validation Basic Workshop, PVSR P.R.
  • Product Data Management, (PDMsoftware) Boston Scientific
  • General Principles of Software Validation, Boston Scientific
  • Six Sigma and Process Validations, Boston Scientific
  • Tabletting and Powder training

Greatest Achievements:

Successfully Validated the Molding Process, Jaw Forming Process, CNC Area and GuideWire Test Method Validation as part of the Boston Scientific© "Project Horizon Validation Remediation Efforts".

Currently working in Puerto Rico as a WiFi Consultant

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New Member

Aspiring CQE; studying hard to achieve certification.

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Validation Specialist-Medical Devices

Careful observation and meticulous scripting are essential tools for a healthy society!

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From the Big Apple!

Born and raised in the "Isle of Man"...Now temporarily in Puerto Rico fixin, my parents home!

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Rockets should go nuclear!

Have built store bought and built a few of my own. Never won a competition...

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Studied computers at W.H.Taft H.S., Bronx, NY.

Made the grade repairing old IBM keypunch and sorters. Otherwise I would fail the commercial course!

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Radio Science Observing

Have been involved in the SETI program searching for ET and the possibility of Life in other Galaxies. Have built some antennaes and gadgets!