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I've just finished my Second year of Electrical Trade at Tech. (2007-2008)

This is pre-requisite for the Electrical Engineering course I intend to do.

I wont promise not to ask for help with my Assignments, but I wont ask you to do them for me, which I have seen from time to time.

I've been working on and in Data Centres for the last 10years and have a good highlevel of understanding of electrical systems and HVAC systems, both separately & in combination.

I'm interested in discussions around Green Power options & solutions and environmentally responsible re-use of water resources.

Other Fun Stuff to "play" with are Fire Arms, Old Weapons, explosives, BlackSmithing and other Old Technology stuff.

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Bought, Built and used many different types of firearm and other assorted weapon, both civilian and military, since back in 1985.

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