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American by birth,southern by the grace of GOD

Still Y2K compliant and 100% biodegradable.I call South Carolina home. I think to be some peoples worst fears: a red neck with an education. 40 years of street knowlege and 2 electronics degrees. I have always promised to use my powers for good, so far I have done well.

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you can't carry that!

I have been looking into both lethal and less than lethal weapons every sense I was a kid, I have built the trebuchet and catapult and have made many of my own knives both out of metal and plastics.I will not say what I have done with model rockets...they are watching

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why can't I use a pencil?

I have spent 20 years in maintenance at several different companies. I have finally consumed all the recourses at other companies and have been with Nutra MFG for 9 years. 8.5 of those years was technical system specialist/ electronic specialist. Now I have evolved into the Validation Specialist. How much longer till I retire?

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