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My name is Dave Hammond, I am a sales Representative for Valley J-mac Joint Venture, LLC a service disabled Veteran Owned Small Buisness Concern in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We are marketing the Seismic Fixture Clamp (SFC), an IBC and UBC compliant positive attachment device approved for the use with fluorescent light fixtures in suspended ceiling systems for all zones, WITHOUT REQUIRING THE TWO ADDITIONAL SLACK WIRES TO BE ATTACHED TO THE LIGHT FIXTURE!. The IBC Section 1613.1 and 2506.2.1, and the UBC Section 25.213 define the requirement for positive attachment of all light fixtures to the suspended ceiling system.

The SFC is designed to resist gravity and seismic loads during a natural hazard securely fastening the light fixture to the suspended ceiling system's T-Bar metal frame main and cross runners. Applying the SFC per instructions reinforces the integrity of two non-structural components, suspended ceiling system and the light fixtures, to work in unison during a natural hazard event or terrorist incident where the building structure remains intact. With the light fixtures securely in place, the lighting system can perform its emergency lighting role during a hazard event, assist occupants in building evacuation, and allow return to business with the least amount of economic loss. The SFC is equivalent to the slack wires thus negating the necessity of slack wires attached to the fixture housing and the device is compatible with all types of light fixtures and suspended ceiling systems. At this time, the SFC is the only approved product for all zones in accordance with current building codes.

The SFC has been stringently tested in accordance with Acceptance Criteria 184, Devices for Recessed Lighting Fixtures in Suspended Ceiling Systems. The device is code compliant and approved for industry-wide implementation. The SFC comes in five variants for single, side by side, end to end, two by two, and main runner support configurations. We recently have entered into contracts with Lighting Company in New Mexico to use in 380 buildings they originally intended to use the 12-gauge slack wires. In addition, we completed contract negotiations with the Army Corp of Engineers to supply the SFC as part of a $1 billion project at Fort Carson, Colorado.