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I am ELIKA GARG. I am from INDIA.

I am really interested in astronomy. I am also very interested in archaeology...basically i love mysteries!!

I'm pursuing B.Tech. in biotechnology from NIT Warangal.

My other hobbies include writing poems (i have a lot many of them!!) and stories (fictions) and reading of course, I read a lot, (apart from course books!) I love reading stories, (not biographies!) and anything related to space. And with all this it is but obvious that I think a lot and am sometimes more of a philosopher! I love talking about life, too. I want to do what I think I should, what I think is the best option and not what others want me to.

Anybody out there is invited to share any piece of information with me that you think would be of any use to me. I would be delighted to hear from you all and am open to any kind of suggestions.

Thanks for your patience, to bear with me all this while!!!


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Elika says:

Hello everybody!

I'm doing biotech from NIT Warangal. For other info, you may please visit my profile!!

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Love Astronomy!!

Hello everybody!

I just love to read space news, participate in any related discussion (all that i can understand!!).

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I want to pursue a career in the ever interesting field of biotechnology. I am taking up the subject for higher studies.