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Soft Neon will revolutionize the sign industry.

Not only does it operate at 1/20 the energy cost of the "Hard Neon", it is rated at 100,000 hours, and contains NO Mercury or other pollutants.

We not only sell the "Soft Neon LED", we also manufacture LED Bars, that will fit into any "Old Style" sign with 800 ma High Output fluorescent lamps, and convert them over to "State-of-The-Art" LED Lit signs!

We also convert upright commercial 800 MA High Output lighting to minus 40 below state of the art LED lighting

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Donald here, Campbell Lighting Co.

We manufacture lighting fixtures for most agricultural uses..

We also import most LED, and the New BL, (Ballast Less CCFL 30,000 hour lamps)

We are presently putting the finishing touches on our new Universal Dimmer Package, which will Dim Incandescent, LED, and CCFL Lamps quite nicely.

We are looking for a semi retired Electric/Electronics engineer to assist us Via Consultanting..


Donald Campbell

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