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First Job Selling Worms when I was only six.

43 years of work experience in the Pulp and Paper Industry 30 yrs as a Journeyman Millwright and still working.

Presently assisting a Friend with a Patent on the 1st Electronic Condensate Controller, replacing 95 yr old Steam Trap Technology. Most amazing is the ability of this New Technology is

"The ECC can handle more that one souce of Steam Condensate."

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Electronic Condensate Controller

I started work in the pulp and paper industry in 1964. I am proud to be a Millwright. For the last 39 years of the 43 years I have been employed by 3 different Pulp & Paper companies on the waterfront in Everett, WA, where I am still presently employed at the old Scott Paper plant that was purchased by the Kimberly Clark 12 yrs ago. Between 1981 and 1985, I worked on severals major industrial projects, 1st Nuclear Power Outage on the only WSPPS Nuclear Generation operating facilities at Hanford, Also on the complete installation of the Jackson Water Power Generation System for Snohomish County PUD, The installation of the # 2 Norpac Newsprint Paper Machine at Weyerhauser in Longview, WA, which was one of the last paper machines ever Built by Beloit. I was involved in installing 2 other paper machines at the Everett Plant Site. A Double Reverse Crepe type Paper Machine in 1981. I was asked by Kinberly Clark in 2001 to be responsible in removing a Beloit Paper Machine, a Steam Yankee Dryer with 40 plus Steam Dryers, Installed in 1954 and then assist in the installation of a new Metso Through Air Dryer (TAD) Paper Machine. This project was to be completed in 129 days. My responsibilities was to make sure all Equipment was being installed properly by contractors and inform and assist Engineers with any modification changes needed during installation and startup, I was responsible for insuring correct lubrication amounts and type was installed in all equipment and all Equipment was ready to operate (rotation,seal water, alignments) for trial when needed. This paper-machine was the first totally Computer Controlled system I worked was involved in installing. The New Paper Machine produced paper on the 127th day, Thanks to a great team of Engineers and Trades people working together on this project.

Presently as I am still employed at Kimberly Clark as a Millwright. I am also helping a friend, Hie Sheppard a Steam Engineer with 55 years Experience, in Marketing and Selling his 1st Patent "Electronic Condensate Controller" which controls condensate from the latent heat processes. It does not trap Steam and Condensate together. The 1st industrial installed ECC has completed two year of successful operations on a Dewatering Steam Screw Press Drying Sludge coming from large Clarifier's Tanks, the ECC has meet all required operating specifications with no reported issues or equipment downtime. The 2nd ECC is presently was installed in a pulp digester Steam Liquor Heater requiring a variable steam demand of 10,000 to 40,000 lbs of Steam depending on the cooking curve specifications required for each type pulp being digested.The ECC trial starts in Sept/08. In August I joined the ASME.