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I am an experimenter. I build and test HHO units and other devices to test validity of claims made by others. I started about a year and a half ago and built 25 or so different designs. I finally settled on my design and got the efficiency rating above 8MMW. I have found through my testing that some principles are overlooked in fuels and the way they interact with magnetism and vaporization as well as other factors.

I realize this all sounds like garbage, but that is what I thought before I started too. A lot of people have tried to duplicate claims made by others and built systems they didn't fully understand and testing them the way they expected them to behave. I found out early on that there was tremendous power in the output from HHO cells. but had no way of testing the power contained in the gas other than lighting it. My picture shows one such test of a backflash arrestor that failed.

I am currently working with partners and hopefully investors very soon. Once wwe have a budget I will start the testing and verification of my results. Right now my van is getting 29 mpg on the highway using my HHO device. It is a 93' Ford aerostar extended van with a 4.0 liter engine and over 225,000 miles on original egine with no alterations to engine electronically or mechanically. It has a cone type breather instead of the stock air breather. Results on this van prior to my HHO introduction were poor.

In January 08' when I started testing devices my mileage baseline was 14-15 mpg. This would not change more than 1 mpg on the highway and the van ran like crap. For the last year the device I have had installed has gotten me 30% on average increase in mileage. It went from 15 to 20 or 21 mpg on the highway. This was easy to test for verification by shutting down the HHO unit the day before testing. The mileage would be 15 mpg without HHO. When the next test was performed I would turn on the HHO unit and let it run for a few minutes prior to starting the vehicle.

My last tests are unexplainable right now. I still need to perform more tests to verify my last readings, but apparently my baseline is now 20 mpg and the highway mileage is now 29 mpg. I dropped the amp draw to my cell by about 1 amp prior to the last test, but had noticed the baseline and highway on HHO go up the day before to 20 mpg highway base and 24 mpg highway on HHO. Testing is ongoing as I can afford gas.