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41 Year-old Male, with Mechanical, and Electrical background, very Smart , but often Sarcastic, if I say something with not quite the proper amount of Tact it is not Personal.

I also do not take things Personal either, but remember; "Labels" diminish You, not Me, and "Titles" are only good for a plaque on Your office wall.

Of all the things I have done (in My Time on this Planet), Flying a single Engine Plane (briefly) would rate at the Top of the list of Favorites.

I enjoy thinking up new ways to think about a problem, Hit me with Your Best Shot. I drive Motorcycles, Cars, Trucks, Forklifts, nothing is beyond My Skill, but I also enjoy knowing/exploring How they do what they do too.

I am Here to expand My expertise in "Hydraulic/Pneumatic" education, I have been interested in these fields for awhile, but only recently Have I sought more information in regards to "Turning a Shaft", as opposed to the "moving a Ram style" which I am accustomed.

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I've Been an American since Birth (some would say before too), which was a Long Long Time Ago...

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I work when I need Cigarettes, and I need Cigarettes while I'm in the planning stages of My Projects...

I do not Have a specific degree, but 90% of what I take apart I can reassemble with ease, I have 20 Years experience within Automotive Maintenance fields as well as some training in Electrical Engineering.

I especially enjoy seeing what Customers have done to their vehicles to get them to the repair facility, ie. tying a broken piece to something else using Panty Hose, Leather Belt, whatever they have handy.