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I have worked in manufacturing fro over ten years since I got out of the avy. I have worked in rubber molding as a test molder, metal machining and fabrication. I have done a few design projects for pneumatic conveying and dust collection systems.

Currently I am working towards my undergrad in business management from Metropolitan State University and will be looking at an MBA prgram at St. Thomas in St. Paul.

I work for G.C. Peterson, an industrial distributor of wood working equipment in Minnesota and the surrounding states.

The two white things in the picture (oh, that's my dog, Baxter, in the middle) are two small dust collectors that a group of my fellow engineering student and myself developed over the past four years. What is so diffent about them is they are the only dust collectors constructed out of HDPE in North America. I would like to say that they have saved many companies about 45% in enviromental and occupational safety related compliance issues when compared to the cost of what other counsultants and pollution control equipment manufacturings estimated the cost. I base that number as average based on the few people who have been open enough to share this information with us.

We started Dust Collection Systems, Inc. in late August of 2004 after we developed our first tow smaller lines of dust collectors. We all enjoythe challenge of working with our customers who always imposed tight project guidleines (mostly money and time). Researching new products and ideas was even more fun.

There were a lot of lessons in business we learned along the way and we were fortunate enough to have a small network of my college instructors who offered me a lot of encouragement and even more valuable advise. Which saved us from making a lot of small business mistakes.

We knew that building something using a different production technique was a risky venture. We had nowhere to start than a guess and a past lesson in what we shouldn't do again (given similar operating conditions), but eventually we build a product that performed the way our customers expected it to.

We have had over about a dozen projects that we have worked on over the past two years since we started. A couple of projects I was involved in was a dust collection system for collecting talc dust at a batch mixing process and a filter reciever at the top of a silo when pulverized coal was being conveyed with the use of a positive high-pressure blower. We have developed new products to handle more specific applications and have been involved with other manufacturers to help them develop new products.

We took a big risk and grew from the experience. I am proud of what we accomplished and I am excited to see the next project.

If I can be of any help to you when it comes to plastic molding or welding, or are looking for sources for help, feel free to contact me anytime.