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I have been working in the Interactive Marketing and Advertising industry for over 12 years. From my early days as a junior account rep I fell in love with the Internet and marvel at the opportunities that it presents. Most of my Internet marketing career has been working in the agency setting where I have been fortunate to work with clients of all shapes and sizes to help them achieve their Internet marketing goals.

For the first time in my marketing career I have the ability to focus all of my attention to one brand - Sper Scientific. This position affords me the freedom and luxury to truly put my marketing know-how to the test. I am happy to say that life on the other side of the desk (so to speak) is much more rewarding and fulfilling than I imagined.

I am an avid believer that marketing initiatives need to be directly tied to business processes, and that the Internet is the most efficient and effective way to help facilitate many business-related functions (i.e. sales, market research, customer service, R&D, tech support...etc).

The most rewarding part of my career has to be all of the relationships that I have formed over the last 12 years. I hope that never changes and that I can continue to forge new ones as well.