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Who am I? I ask the same

Born in Belguim 7th grade education

Started home repair service at 14

Created home renovations company, & Construction Company

Built Doctors, Dental , Foot offices, and Professional suites

Designed and built carpentry & cabinetry shops

Journeymen Carpenter in the Carpentry's Union,

Carpenter trouble shooter for Walt Disney Lake Bon a Vista Conference Center

Rewired Hand cut crystal machines & mfg plant

Wrote custom estimating programs in VB MS Access for Co.

Surface Design and Technologies metal fabricating Co

Created AutoCAD menu's for architects and engineers design dept

In the aluminum railing business

Wrote Custom Lisp programs in AutoCAD

Staircase design program For Metal fabricating Co

Master plumber for Meat processing plant & Conti meat markets

Journeymen Electrician for Waste management central office, FTL, Fl

Rewired factories without ever flickering there lights

Including printing shops, body shops, and carpentry shops

At 60

Designing in AutoCAD 20) 100ft x 400ft Greenhouses

Designing 110ft wide Robotic Gantry Crane to build greenhouse

Generating HP code for CNC equipment

Using lisp extracting xyz coordinates and quantities from drawing

Creating a MS Access DB to control Job costing time data etc

Incorporating into greenhouse drawing 200 units per greenhouse

Photo -Synthesis total encapsulated algae reactor sequestering CO2

For bio-diesel fuel, Pharmaceutical grade, and Fish food

Designing HHO generator to supply fuel, heat, energy

Studying sea water filtration system & Waste gasification equipment

Modifying and design Fluting CNC machines for Stair-woodturning MFG

Modifying and design CNC Submerse plasma cutting machines for Metal fabricating Co

And a shit load of small projects about 1200 items

From tools to custom attachments

And oh yea like to find a non sexual honest partner