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My name is Lonny Doyle, I own an Aerospace CNC Machine shop. I started working on a new engine design when I was 18, that was 25 years ago. I have built numerous protoypes throughout the years, each one evolving from the last. I am currently working on another protoype and hopefully this will be the one that gets off the dyno without any problems. My last one seized up some seals. This next prototype will have chrome plated surfaces instead of aluminum that the seals slide against. I self fund these prototypes. The last one was more than $20000 and this will definately be more than that. I wish I had the financial backing that Scuderi has. One thing that is interesting is that my Splitcycle patent predates Scuderi's. As soon as I get my new patent pending number I will upload the website that shows my new design and pictures of the last one that seized.