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I am currently involved in the design and installation of medium to large solar systems. (25Kw to 120Kw) I also am involved with power protection devices like UPS's, inverters, and generators. Before getting into this field I worked with the telephone company in the microwave systems engineering department. To enhance my ability to provide service I found it necessary to graduate from a course in Scuba Diving (to inspect submarine cables in our area) and obtain a pilots license (to perform preliminary site surveys from the air). After 25 years of sailing on a Scampi 30 which crossed the Atlantic in 21 days in 1979 I was forced to sell because of skin issues. After that I returned to Astronomy as a hobby since the sun cant burn me at night. I use a Questar because it is very portable and has excellent optics. See attached picture with it mounted on a wedge for equatorial tracking at 18.5Degress Latitude here where I live.