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Graduated with a Masters of Engineering and Bachelor Degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering, technically skilled, computer literate, hardworking and able to work with a nominal supervision. Having 2.0 years of experience in Electrical industries. Skilled at leading and coordinating multi-location teams and adapting to challenging environment.  Experienced in Electrical project engineer  Experienced in AutoCAD and COCREATE SOFTWARE  Good communication skills.  Good computer proficiency Training from REINHAUSEN COMPANY about Tapchanger I. Present Employer: Brush Transformers Gulf LLC Designation : Design Engineer (Transformer) Duration : From Nov 09 to till date. Venue : U.A.E. Nature of work:  To design Transformer like Power Transformers and Distribution transformer according to the customer specification.  Control wiring design for power transformers.  Preparation of Bill of Materials for control cubicle - Transformers.  Preparation of ECN and ERP..  Study for improvement of the existing products, and new design of Transformer according to International standards. Co-ordination with marketing department and Purchase department II. Previous Employer: MICRON ELECRTICALS PVT LTD Designation : Site Engineer Duration : From June '07 to Jan '08 Venue : Bangalore. Nature of work:  Site Control, Checking Drawings etc.

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