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New Member Old member. Heidi; need to develop paper glider technique. Use to

Use to throw gliders from 1100 Union St., San Francisco. Grandma Dole watched me to make sure I did not fall off the roof. Now days Caretaker throws back my glider. Do not worry, be happy. The trendy thing is to sit next to a mathetician sp and discuss the event of wife running up and down the street. Old dudes at a lunch. Do not get me started on sitting next to Einstein and discussing Imginary of course, about hypthetical wife running up and down l0l, Bayshore; that is if Bart runs all the way to San Jose. You know "Show me the way to San Jose". Do not get me discussing delliveing excess Christmas mail to such places as Discovry Ave. and Whirlway. Almaden, Lincoln. Tunnel under San Jose is the thing to have done. I hate to tell a WHITE LIE. NEED a good editor and speller. Do the TWIST?? That, I admit, is way far out.

It is fun building model airplanes out of balsa wood and tissue. It takes a lot of patience but the results are worth it.

I started building model air planes when I was in grammar school, somehow lost interest in it when school offered sports, etc.

I do remember building a plane which I had hanging from the ceiling attached to threads. I seem to remember that I later tried to fly it off the balcony and it crashed.

After I retired, my daughter and son-in-law gave me a kit of an original Wright Brothers plane. I finished it, painted it and hung it up in the garage.

In grammar school my next door neighbor, about my age, would really do well in this hobby He knew all about using dope, or what ever it is called, to cause the tissue covering the spars, etc. to be really tight. I was envious.

I am curious about gas powered planes. There is a park near where I live where I might try this out

A few years ago my son sent me a newspaper article about someone in his 70's who was into all of this. So I don't feel too bad about a hobby like this.

I do not know if I have any time for this since since there is always something else requiring my attention. Just exploring the idea right now.

I finally got a picture of my Wright Brothers model airplane. It took me awhile. The plane is attached to threads that come down from the ceiling. I have other pictures which I haven't had much luck with.