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My Scots-Irish father put a carburator and some tools in my hand at age 5. He said, "Take it apart." An hour later, with parts all around me, he said, "Now, put it back together again." I largely succeeded, with just a few parts left over.

Since then, I have collected skills like some people collect stamps. I quit counting at 40 skills. Background is mostly engineering and business. BA in Business Management. Certified Biomedical Electronics Technician (CBET). Qualified SS in two classes of Fast Attack Submarines (SSN in US Navy) as an Advanced Electronics Field technician on Inertial Navigation equipment and all kinds of submarine electronics and gadgets.

My specialty is maintaining hyper-complex systems with minimal input and expense.

Because I had seen how effective prayer was in fixing complex gadgets and complex situations, I completed diaconal studies in the Roman Catholic Church and was ordained Deacon on 9/11/99. I believe God is an Engineer.

I have a Neuropsychologist wife that outranks me (Col. in AF Reserve) and a son that outranks me (Lt. in US Navy) and an adopted Nigerian son that is a soccer phenomenon (full scholarship to college). I am terribly proud of all of them.

I am currently employed at the Edward Hines Veterans Administration Medical Center as an Imaging Specialist. If it makes radiation or takes a picture, I fix it.

I enjoy the company of military types and engineers. Both are very connected to reality.