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Career counterman interested in industrial items. Bearings, gearboxes, P.T., and hydraulics. I specialize in the hard-to-find. Hope to start an on-line supply business stocked with surplus inventory from wholsale/retail outlets across N. America. A "virtual warehouse" is what I have in mind. Anyone with ideas for getting this up and running can e-mail

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Computers: I spend HOURS saving time with them.

My dad received one of these in kit form from Time Mag. around 1979-80. We put it together, played with it for a day, and then put it away for posterity. Dad died just over a year ago and we ran across the ZX-81 in a closet next to a first-generation IBM PC (with $2000.00 in software on floppy disc), and an Osborn portable (57 lb. weight) with a 3-12" monitor.