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US Navy Veteran Avionics Technician. Worked in electronics circuit manufacturing for Ford Electronics, Lucent and Agere Technologies.

Specialist in industrial Laser Technology and optics.

I am a certified private Pilot

My many Hobbies are include Experimental Aircraft Construction, Entertainment Laser Design, Music, Photography, astronomy, Stephen Hawking, High Powered Model Rocketry, and much more!

My Grandfather and father have passed on the inventor genes to me and I always have way too many projects in process.

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Model Rocketry (since 07/04/2012)
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Homing Parachute Recovery

I started building Estes Model rockets when I was 8. I never stopped. By age ten, my friend Tim and I had built a 5 rod launcher and remote control station. As I got older, I built bigger and better rockets until now, I have a few over 10 feet tall and powered with much bigger engines.

My long-term project is to make a marketable parachute system that would bring the rocket back to the launch site by steering the chute to a ultrasonic emitter at the launcher. Prototype work well, but still perfecting!

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RC Aircraft (since 07/04/2012)
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RC Heli tech

I have been flying RC planes since 1980. I just recently started flying the small electric helis.

I want to develope a system for helis, and eventually planes, that would be similar to the datalink used in Naval Aircraft. A system where the aircraft can be flown automatically according to a pre programmed course or allow the user to shift control in variable degrees to fully manual control.

Out of the box the user could fly the plane in an included flight pattern, say a oval pattarn t 10 foot altitude. The user then can edit and create new patterns!

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Computer Engineering (since 07/04/2012)
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Electronics Circuits Hobbyist

I have had computers since my first Commodore 64. I also am an experience electronics circuit builder, tester, designer and hobbyist.

I have a wide interest in computer and Electronics applications in almost anything discipline.