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I am a creative, highly original & intuitive instrumentation systems engineer. Admittedly I do NOT know it all, but I DO want to LEARN it all. I'm a designer, a builder of devices & analytical instruments- using sensors, transducers, component level electronics, processors & processor level electronics & I am developing a hands-on interest perhaps even a passion for nano-electronics and nano-technologies. Clearly these are the future, & in more fields than anyone realizes at present.

I read constantly & stay current in applicable areas of logic systems, market trends & technologies, electronics & advances in processor/software technologies. I am seeking a real & genuine opportunity- a place to work- to produce & interact, to grow- & develop & fully implement the instruments & instrumentation systems that I help to design and build.

I've been largely under-employed & unemployed since returning to the US from Iraq in '07. Most of my time has been taken up w/ 'consulting' which of course is just a euphemism for scrambling and getting whatever work I could get, at whatever hourly rate I could get it, doing anything I could get hired to do/fix/ implement or build. After doing the work I then struggled and scrambled to get paid w/ a check that wouldn't bounce or a purchase order that wasn't fraudulent. That became the real challenge.