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1972-1976:ecole normale supérieure Ulm(Paris)

master of chemistry,doctoral dissertation on borazenes

1976 -1986:French atomic Energy Agency and National Scientific Research Council(CEA - CNRS,France)

PhD obtained in 1983(l'Effet Photodielectrique dans des Systemes d'Interet Biologique,summary and comments on the web)

Patents in applied electronics and laser power measurement(available on the web and from patent agencies)

Recent work on very high voltage power inverters up to 50/100kW and 160kilovolts.Read my communication(september 2005)ar the SEE-DGA Conference held in Versailles,France"AES 2005"(All Electric Ship)on medium power inverters

Member of the IEEE and New York Academy of Sciences science 1996(after a long illness which interrupted my carreer)

Sometimes travel to the United States,Great Britain,South Africa and Madagascar(the country of my new wife)

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As a former Scientist (11 years) at laboratories of the French Atomic Energy Agency

and after advanced studies in electronics and chemistry, I am ready to provide knowledge according to my experience in specified areas, but I also may encounter some practical problems, for example with stripline UHF transistors, microprogramming, solvents for epoxies or polyurethanes, step recovery diodes and many other things for which I could need advice.