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Signature: "When I thought I exceeded to be wise but wisdom was far from me" -King Solomon
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I was curious to sing 28 years ago, until one day found out I could. Later on I interest on playing acoustic guitars, but I did not have money to buy so I just dreamed about it. I had my first band last 19 years ago- I did bass and vocals which I excel doing for a time, now rusted.

I like music - variety of music from folk, humor, classical, country, rock 80's-90's, death metal, ballad, 1940~70's and blue grass music-except dance and RnB.

Usually I became expert on whatever my interest puts me into and heavy handed on things I hated to do.

A critical thinker, the guidance counselor said from employment i got perfect score in their abstract test. But, I am irritable and annoying to persons who challenge my wits. Despite of it, I stayed warm and humane, soft-hearted and merciful. After all, we are all indifferent either rich or poor, we have our own time, own authority, own perspective in life -but still we will be overtaken by the same fate sooner or later- where we became of no more value other than dust and soil nutrients to plants.

Easily overwhelmed with humor, sometimes I throw grin jokes -others won't appreciate.

I have many interest, foremost is science, engineering and things, but not on people and politics- i keep my own discretion about issues, i rather watch courage the cowardly dog.

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There is no feeling greater than playing with a buddy or a team an original piece of music you wrote.