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Hi All,

I like this hobby because I worked in the Harley Davidson R&D for 15 years. I had a 1981 Wideglide that I purchased new. customized it 3 times. Many stories to tell. Also have a 1999 Reconstructed Softail after it was totaled. As of 2019 the newest things lately in the last 8 years. My wife and i are older parents then most. I am 61 and wife is 51. We have a 8 year boy & twins, boy & girl 5 1/2. Getting back to many activities due to having my knee repaired. So back to golfing, Kayaking, Karate, working on my 1982 Diesel Vanagon Popup Camper. The best part of getting my knee repairs is now I can run around a play with the kids. Love my job, building Camera Dollies & Crane Booms for the video industry.

Scott Greiner