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There are many reasons you might want a laptop with backlit keys

You are a student, and work late at night often to complete your homework You love the looks of laptops with lighted keys You are a Blogger and need a laptop that’s good for typing in general You just play video games and want to make sure you don’t hit the wrong keys. You love colorful laptops with RGB Keyboards There are tons of good ideas to get a laptop with backlit keys. However, Don’t tunnel vision on the keyboard and forget that you need the laptop to function well too! What you will be using the laptop for will dictate what kind of specs you will be needing in your laptop. If you play video games or use intense software for video-editing or 3d modeling you will want spec savvy laptops. Otherwise, if you just want a general laptop that will work as a daily driver and will boost through any tasks you want to do with ease, Then any modern laptop should do the trick. I will be going over the best laptops with backlit keyboards first, and then il go over the buying guide, and what you need to know when buying your laptop. I tried including a variety of options to suit most people’s needs. “The numbers are only for counting and don’t represent any order”