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My name is Thomas Campbell and I have to say the facts here to you guys b/c you have the answer to this major problems we are slowly facing now !!! one fact is our earths atmosphere is being put more CO2 into our air each second of the day by cars and companies too !!! two fact is that our trees which are green are being still cut down which uses the CO2 and puts out oxygen for us to breath !!! third fact is that also our trees in the USA each year are burnt down many acres on the west coast !! The news show this each year right ? can we breath CO2 because CO2 can not leave our atmosphere so you need to make a much bigger deionizer for the earths air to get rid of the increases of CO2 in our air and maybe put out more oxygen for us to breath too !!! I am an Ex US Navy guy here and I see this happening now too so do you care enough to fix this major problem then ? if not do it for the childrens sake then !!!! we are slowly choking ourselves to death now seriously I see this now !!!! oh another thing too is that our energy from nuclear can put lots of electrons into ground of earth which will in turn add to the Ionosphere them to help protect the earth's atmosphere is what I also figured out now !!!! The Ionosphere is actually lots of electrons statically to protect us from the Sun's rays so we need to put more electrons to the earth's ground so it adds to the ionosphere !!!! I have some back ground into electronics in college now and I think I am correct on this one too guys !!! PS: if you wish to call me please do so at: 309-404-1112 Thomas Campbell my job in the US Navy was Radar/Sonar tech