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Chinese Official Manufacture License Application

01/12/2010 2:18 AM

If your products are in the following categories and you are going to sell them in China, you need to apply for the Chinese manufacture license

The categories are:
1. Steam boilers
2. Pressure vessels
3. Pressure pipeline components
4. Cranes
5. Elevators
6. Passenger ropeway
7. Large amusement devices
8. And industrial motor vehicles (refers to the motor vehicles used in manufacture plant, factory, tourist attractions, amusement park and other specific regions.)

According to Chinese laws & regulations, you must get the Chinese manufacture license before you export your products to China. If you have no idea how it proceeds, we can help you with the process.

We, CSEI Consulting & Services Co. Ltd, as one of the most professional consultation company in the industry, are committed to provide a full range of professional consultation services for business development of overseas manufacturers to China.

We mainly provide our consultation and agent services for applications of Chinese governmental manufacture license for boiler, pressure vessel, pressure pipeline components, elevators and other mechanical & electrical equipments. Our goal is to help overseas manufacturers to successfully make the first step of their business in China. In that case, their business may go smoothly with a wonderful start.

Also, we provide other consultation services for overseas manufactures especially those who have just entered or want to enter Chinese market. The services we provide as below:
1. Chinese Market Analysis
2. Consultation of Chinese Laws & Regulations
3. Tendering Information of Chinese Marketing Purchasing
4. Technology Transfer & Cooperation
5. Marketing Promotion of Corporations & Products in China
6. Seminar & Lectures

If you are interested, please log on our website for more details: or you can send your enquiries to We will reply you shortly.

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