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How Breweries are Marketing with Laser Engravers

Posted September 06, 2020 12:00 AM by Epilog Laser
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With an in-house laser engraver, breweries have potential for new marketing strategies to build their brand and increase exposure.

From stickers to coasters to pint glasses and beyond, breweries sell and give away a lot of swag. Bringing a laser in-house allows these booming businesses to brand so many things – both within the brewery itself as well as promotional giveaway items.

Laser engraving and cutting machines are valuable tools that can aid in all kinds of marketing efforts. When you think about how much product breweries put their logo on, owners are realizing just how much more time- and cost-effective it is to mark their own equipment and tools and brand their own promotional items instead of outsourcing the job.

What can a brewery cut and engrave with a laser?

The possibilities are nearly endless:

  • Apparel – leather hat patches, custom t-shirts, branded canvas bags for to-go orders
  • Beer tap handles – highlight a limited release brew and identify your best sellers
  • Coasters – wood, leather, even cardstock coasters can be customized with a laser
  • Glasses – engrave pint glasses, pilsner glasses, snifters and more
  • Growlers – glass or metal, your laser can do both
  • Signage – from promotional signage to directional/informational signage, a laser can create all kinds of signs from a variety of materials

…and much more!

Adding a fun personalization experience to brewery tours

Brewery tours are big sellers and lasers can really add to a patron’s experience by ending the tour with a customized glass to commemorate the visit. Breweries simply have stock of glasses already engraved with their logo, it takes just a few minutes to pop the glass in the laser and add a name and date.

Whether the laser is front and center for customers to see or stays behind the scenes, engraving and cutting opportunities are abundant for our beloved beer purveyors.

Editor's note: This is a sponsored blog post from Epilog Laser.


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