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New Member

04/08/2009 12:27 PM

Ever since I was 7 years of age, I have only drawn space ships and cars... It was my passion, it led me to collect vintage and classic cars including replicars in order to fully understand design philosophies of VW, Porsche, Bertone, Pininfarina and Car makers like Ferrari and Lamborghini. since ID and Transportation Design were not offered in my country at the time I was in college - I studied Mechanical Engineering 1 year while attending underground classes in the basement of the college of engineering where I attended. I have learned basic aerodynamics, thermodynamics, ergonomics, vehicle design, materials engineering and so forth... the study was focused in human powered vehicle design. But I applied what I learned there to automotive. I tried to apply for an apprenticeship job in Volvo in 1991... but they were in recession that time - and they thought I was a Japanese Industrial Spy... so I went back home and pondered on the idea about making my own prototype... lack of funds prevented me. However, I was able to make one utility vehicle I called the UVX in 1994. After a while I have submitted designs in 1995 to an automotive design competition entitled MAX-95 sponsored by Proton. All 3 of my submitted designs were stolen... after 1 year - the clustered headlamp look was adopted by Proton and Mitsubishi, The Previa shape appeared after 2 years... Then in 2004 I submitted my designs to Toyota... by 2007 they launched a Europe only model with very stricking resemblance to a corolla concept I submitted to them. I still have the original photocopy of my drawing. I posted my portfolio in CDN... I got a call from Saudi Arabia, I was offered to design and build a prototype truck for Arabia. I built the design studio from scratch (ground up in less than 3 months)... and quickly built a prototype with 6 other replicas within 6 months. Exterior, Interior and Chassis included. But the sponsor was not that liquid - the project lasted for only 1 and a half year and had to go back here to pursue more realistic ventures. There's nothing more to prove to anyone or myself. Car design and engineering must focus in saving the planet. A more consciouss attitude about Carbon Footprint must also be adopted by the industry in building cars. This is my advocacy.

Cheers everyone!

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