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06/16/2009 12:05 PM

I am retired after 50+ years in the shipbuilding field. My retirement years are spent doing woodworking, cooking, model railroads and improving(trying) my language skills. Although I never completed my mechanical engineering BS, my education up to that point was excellent, having attended Irish Christian Brothers schools in New York for 12 years. I was never a tech writer by choice or training. I got into it by circumstance and my educational and technical background made it possible for me to successfully fullfill technical writing duties as I was called upon to do. During my two year gig as a tech writer, I produced single handedly two complete projects of about 5 manuals each for the USMC. They turned out to be the best manuals they had ever seen. I did all the work on them including research, writing, editing, photography, wiring diagrams(drafting), paste-ups and final camera ready plates. That was before computers. Justification was done using a Veritype machine. All my writing was done on yellow pads.

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