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Proud of the fact that you could sort punched cards faster than anyone? Still got that CP/M boot disk "just in case"? Admit your age and post pictures and stories from the good old days.

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Dragon 32

04/03/2007 2:32 PM


We had a ZX80 a ZX81 and a Research Machines 380Z loaded by cassette when i was at school till 1981.

I didn't have much of a clue about computers then, not till i got my ( built in Wales ) Dragon 32 which was a Motorola 6809 based machine. It was built similiar to the Tandy (InterTan) CoCo or ColorComputer.

I took Art instead of computing at GCE "O" level, doh!! I'd have probably got another "O" level subject at a decent grade onmy certificate....never mind.

Yes i'm now in my early 40's!!

More to follow....


Dr M.

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