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New Member

03/19/2012 12:15 PM

I have a Civil degree but am not (nor will I be) licensed.

I currently work in civil construction management and materials, as a consultant to public agencies.This work includes road, bridge, structural, and underground utilities.

I originally attended school for Electrical (no degree), and have over 30 yrs. in general contracting.

My father was schooled and self-educated in Mechanical/Automotive along with some Marine and Rail disciplines and was also a general contractor. I was 'forced' to learn by going to work at an age that would now be considered illegal.

My uncle was a Mechanical/Automotive engineer and private car builder.

My grandfather was a self taught mechanical engineer and held U.S. patents for his original apparatus'. Not just design. His patent(s) is one of the referenced basis' for thousands of other applications today.

I guess I was born to be what I am.

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