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Proud of the fact that you could sort punched cards faster than anyone? Still got that CP/M boot disk "just in case"? Admit your age and post pictures and stories from the good old days.

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New Member

01/26/2007 9:58 PM

Started with an Atari 800xl with an RF modulator hooked to the family 12" black and white television. A 64k competitor to the Commodore that could play some Atari cartridges. I begged my parents for the audio tape drive to no avail. So with no mass storage, every time I wanted to use a BASIC program I had to retype it using the same 2 fingers I still hunt and peck with today. I would wait 2 hours for a simple graphic to render and at about 85% finished it would run out of memory and die. Writing programs involved numbering each line by fives. Then I would forget some subroutine and try to fit it between the lines. Once I realized it would take more than 4 lines I would rewrite it with a GOTO statement or renumber every line in the program. I'm glad that nonsense is over with. I didn't get to use it much because I was usually grounded.

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