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05/09/2007 12:12 PM

As a mechanical engineer and former Air Force Reservist and Army ROTC Tactical Unit member, I have always had an interest in weaponry. I enjoy the Discovery Channel show, "Future Weapons" as well as "Mail Call" and "Wild West Tech" on the History Channel which also deal with weapons, though mainly from a historical perspective. Another good show on the History Channel is "Man, Moment, Machine " which sometimes deals with weaponry. This is hosted by Hunter Ellis, the former Navy fighter pilot and "Survivor", who previously hosted "Tactical to Practical". Some of the "Modern Marvels" episodes also feature weapons.

One of my favorite videos ever was a report on the (then) new A-10 attack jet. It was actually produced by the USAF for its "Air Force Now" video magazine and shown to the troops in the late 1970's. It featured some awesome footage of the A-10 put through its paces, with a soundtrack featuring Elton John's "Funeral for a Friend", where the music rises to a crescendo as you watch the A-10 approach on the deck, coming straight towards the camera (and you the viewer) and screams by overhead. Awesome!

Also a member of: Hobbies : HAM Radio, United States : Member, Engineering Fields : Mechanical Engineering

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