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New Member

05/12/2007 12:55 AM

Hello all,

This seems like an interesting group. Currenlty my assignment is in Iraq as a civilian contractor.

Also I am a Viet Nam vet, so perhaps i can add to the forum, if not I can learn. Something of great interest to me is how we might disapate high explosives that are used in road side bombs here.

The Iranians use an explosive that is faster than C4 and add copper bars to it. When it goes off, it cuts directly through 1 1/4" plate, Current up armour on Hum Vee's.

Should and experts have some opinions, i would be my pleasure to pass ideas along. OF course with all of the fancy side armour on the Hum Vee's there is very little done to the bottom of them.

Civilians such as myself usually hire private security to haul us around in hard cars ( armoured vehicles) same problem, we have 1/2" plate and glass that is lamanted to about 1" thick or so, that will stop a 7.63x39 no problem, but thats about all it does, none of this does much good to our biggest threat, IED ( improvised Explosive Devise).

Thanks for the oportunity to send a challange to the group,



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