All work and no play is no fun at all. This group contains some popular (and some less well-known) hobbies.

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08/07/2015 12:40 PM

Favorite hobbies include: sailing; woodworking; metalworking; no longer weld due to health device; electronics; antique tools; adapting things to uses other than their original purposes.

Firefighting (member of local volunteer fire company and ex-chief); counsel youth in "Firewatch" program for those which have shown a propensity for fire setting; Firefighting trainer.

Technician/Specialist in County Volunteer HazMat Response Team. Have been doing this for the past 45 years either as part of work responsibilities or volunteer. Numerous areas of specialized training and experience. Trainer in haz mat subjects. Authored and edited several early hazardous materials response training manuals. "Technical Expert" within team structure.

Doing random acts of kindness for anyone and everyone.

Also a member of: CR4 Fans : CR4 Fan, Safety : Hazmat, Engineering Fields : Retired Engineers / Mentors, Engineering Fields : Piping Design Engineering, Fans of Old Computers : PDP 11

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