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09/11/2007 9:50 AM

Handle is Gene, call is W9GFX, extra class. Started as K4OEO on 40 meter CW as a novice back in the 50's with homebuilt gear. Receiver was a BC-453 with a crystal controlled converter in front of it. Built several different xmitters, got into trouble with FCC twice, once with bad crystal just a little over 7.2 mHz and got into phone band, kept wondering why didn't get that many QSO's with it. Another time built a "no-tune" xmitter using a pi-low pass filter in tank ckt. Unfortunately used an all-band antenna and second harmonic was a little too potent. Most fun I had was with AM phone after getting general ticket. Used a metal 6SK7 tube as final driven by a 6SJ7 (I think?) ECO and modulated with an 815 with negative cycle loading. Few people believed my rig. Actually had lots of fun with a little 100% controlled carreir rig but couldn't get my 6146 linear to act right. Currently have decent bench and use a Kenwood 570 barefoot on all bands, except none of them are good right now 'cause of sunspot cycle. Antenna is about 5/8 wave on 160 with center loading. Get on 160, 1.962, early in morning and evening most weekdays. Have a mobile rig that I move between my Van and small RV. Like to tinker with small res loop antennas.

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