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Autoharp and Harmonica

07/19/2008 9:56 PM

I used to play the 6-string classical acoustic guitar by Ibanez, top model, for many years, until one day while shifting a piano, and popped the tendons in my left wrist. I had a series of conical projections from the release of tendon lube into the nearby tissues. a complex operation saw the tendon sheaths sewn up, but I lost the ability to properly play chords, so I decided to obtain an Oscar Schmidt Autoharp some 20 years ago, and have my own unique style.

The Harmonicas are both by M. Hohner from Germany, one is an Echo-harp dual key C + G with Bell-Metal reeds, really beautiful music.

The other is a Chromatic Larry Adler Professional 16 model, which after 20+ years still has not the wonderful sound of the Echo Harp above.

Like many Harmonica players, I have discovered that one cannot talk, laugh while playing the instrument.

I note (fine word in a music description) that all good instruments need to be "played in" over many years, because whether string, reed, brass or silver, or wooden guitar or violin, the vibrations over the years resonate and give the instrument sounding parts a certain molecular augmentation.

I decided early in our marriage, not to compete with my wife, who plays piano, organ, acoustic guitar (my old one), folk guitar, banjo and others - she used to teach music too.

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